All your jewels have special stories to tell, but those most special to you tell your story. You don’t only remember where you bought this broach or who gave you that ring, but also how it felt and what it meant to wear each of them for the first time. Special jewels store memories that you love to share and could thereby live forever, so that even similar pieces are nothing the same. Because designing special jewels is a form of mutual storytelling. It’s about finding fresh ways to fit and flatter women and helping them live life to the fullest. It’s about listening closely to a woman’s inner voice, in the hope of touching her heart and tying the jewel’s spirit to her soul.

The story behind DWJ is one of following secret dreams, of self-fulfillment and self-expression. While every design draws on individual experiences and personal tales, the best part of each story is yet to be written, and eagerly awaits you to author. Every piece is handcrafted, combining gold and silver elements with a secret ingredient: raw (unpolished) pearls, whose natural uniqueness gives each piece a distinct character.

The brand founded by Dana Wagner in 2018. 

Dana is a Silversmith and M.B.A graduate. The studio is located near Tel Aviv, Israel.